Become an Epicure
Brand Ambassador


Become an Epicure
Brand Ambassador

You cook every day

Why not get rewarded for it?

Every meal is an opportunity to earn with Epicure! Snap a few pics, make a Reel, and post it on social with your shopping link, or throw in-person get- togethers to create a flexible business that works for you. Being an Epicure Brand Ambassador is simple, rewarding, and a great fit if:  

  • You love Epicure products & being social  
  • You’re looking to earn money for life’s extras 
  • You want to help busy people and families put good food on the table 
  • You want to spend more time with family   
  • You are focused on your personal growth & goals  
  • You want the flexibility to work from anywhere 
  • You’d love the chance to travel for free  
  • You’re looking to give back to your community

You can do it all

Ready to get started? 

Becoming a Brand Ambassador requires that you purchase a Launch Kit filled with everything you need to get started. Here’s a peek at what’s included:

Epicure Start-up Kit

✔️ A curated selection of best-selling products to demo and share at your Epicure launch, including a Good Mexican. Real Fast.™ meal kit, Mac & Cheese, Sweet Banana Bread & Muffin Mix, a versatile silicone Rectangular Steamer, and Epicure Catalogues. Your Start-up Kit unlocks opportunities to learn, earn, and grow! 
✔️ Earn up to 33% on what you sell 
✔️ Get 20% discount on your own orders  
✔️ A personalized Epicure website so your customers can shop directly from you anytime, anywhere! Hello, passive income!  
✔️ Rewards and bonuses at every level (based on your sales performance) 
✔️ Hassle-free business ownership: Orders, returns, refunds, customer issues and merchant transaction fees are managed by Epicure 
✔️ No Point-of-Sale equipment required 
✔️ All sales tax is calculated based on customer location for you  
✔️ Tools and resources to support your product knowledge & business growth 
✔️ No need to stock inventory! Epicure warehouses and ships all products for you 
✔️ Access to attend in-person training events 
✔️ Ongoing leadership and personal development 
✔️ Weekly live video meetings from Epicure CEO Amelia Warren 
✔️ Entry into an online social & in-person community of Epicure Brand Ambassadors—connect, learn & have fun 
✔️ Opportunity to earn incentives & trips 
✔️️ Ability to build your customer base and team in the US & Canada  
✔️️️ Ambassador liability insurance ($29.95 value)

Good food is just the start

Exclusive Perks

Welcome to your Epicure era. It’s going to be filled with opportunity, rewards, and impact as
you help us reach every kitchen in North America!

Meet new people, build lifelong
relationships & have fun

Work when & where it works
for you

Earn up to 33% on
what you sell

20% discount on
personal orders

Earn incentives, swag,
and products

Join the good food movement &
help people eat well to be well

Attend annual training events &
earn free five-star vacations


Yes! Along with training, tools, and resources, you will be connected to a team of Ambassadors who will help support and motivate you. You will also get free access to an online community of Epicure Brand Ambassadors where you’ll get training, weekly updates from Epicure’s CEO Amelia Warren, and support from our incredible sales leadership team.

Share Epicure products with your community either online or through in-person events to help people find healthy, quick, affordable mealtime solutions. 

Share easy, healthy meals & recipes in-person or online and earn compensation from the customers who purchase Epicure products from you.

Every Epicure Brand Ambassador must purchase a Start-up Kit for $89.95 CA/$79.95 US. It has everything you need to get started with your business with best-selling Epicure products that you can use to sample, demo, and enjoy. 

You are in charge of your hours, and you can work as much or as little as you like. Some Epicure Brand Ambassadors do this to earn passive income, while others create full-time businesses.  

Earn 20% cash back when you purchase your own personal orders. This perk starts as soon as you join! You get paid weekly on any order commissions from the week prior. There are monthly bonuses, including earning an extra 5% monthly bonus when your orders exceed 250 QV per month. 

No! With support, training, and mentorship along the way, you’ll quickly get into the swing of things and easily learn as you go. Our teams and community are here to help you—you are never alone in your business.  

Loud & Proud

Become an Ambassador and join a built-in network of people across North America who will motivate, support and celebrate you every step of the way!